Monday, 4 February 2013

My Knitting Obsession

So lately, I have been knitting like crazy! Whenever I find something I enjoy, I geek right out.

 Back in August, I "rediscovered" knitting. Now the reason I put that into quotations is because back when I was about 10 years old my grandma taught us that wonderful little thing called a garter stitch. At 10, it's hard to sit still and do this so after getting excited and doing this for a month or so I quickly dropped it in favour of piano lessons.

Lately, there has been a surge in the yarn craft industry. Everyone is wearing knitted/crocheted wear. I also have a friend, +Melissa Kwan  who loves to knit and seeing her creations online made me rethink the idea of knitting. I had a friend from work who was also interested in learning to knit so away we went. She learned her knitted stitch on Youtube and I remembered it from when I was a kid so away we went to Guelph's local yarn shop which my boyfriend to this day will say was probably the biggest mistake ever because it hooked us.

We bought our first skein of Cascade 220 and we were done for. We had both been knitting with yarn we bought on sale at Zellers when it was closing out or from Walmart. This stuff was so different! It was springy and soft and so much easier to knit with. Yup done for.

I was determined to get better so I started youtubing EVERYTHING. Soon I went from just knitting straight knitted stitch scarves to hats.

I started on cowls for christmas. They were so much fun!

And finally I went ahead with trying my first "lace pattern" scarf. Given, this is a super easy one but the yarn. Oh the yarn! It was a gorgeous handpainted fingering yarn from a local artist in Toronto. My friend was right, once you use the good stuff, it's hard to go back!

The results were stunning! After trying my first time at blocking on Friday, this is the gorgeous result!

So that's it! Right now I am working on a new project and it can only get better with time! Wish me luck! :D


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