Monday, 4 February 2013

A Holey Surprise

I decided that I've mastered the rib stitch with my momentary love to knit fingerless gloves so I wanted to move onto a simple "lace pattern" Now when I say lace I am not neccessarily talking about the super intricate frilly things. No, those I have yet to attempt. I figure in time I will. I mean the simplest of lace knitting, the yarn over/knit together patterns. It's a simplistic pattern that requires more attention but bascially you make a line of yarn over and knit togethers which creates deliberate holes and then knit a row to seal the holes. Simple but requires counting.

So I started off with my very first handpainted yarn the Indigodragonfly 100% Merino Sock Wool. I really wanted a pattern that would show off all the awesome colourway of this gorgeous yarn.

Yea, I splurged on getting this yarn. I was at the Purple Purl in Toronto with my friend who lucky duck lived down the street from this fantastic little gem of a store. He said he saw it in passing and I begged to go. He needed my help in there to pick out a gift and after that I couldn't resist and had to buy myself something. That's how this little ball of yarn came to be in my possession.

So to find the perfect pattern. I scoured Ravelry for it. Finally I found it. Something simplistic but would showcase the colourway!

So I settled on the great Colosseo Scarf Pattern. Talk about a great knit! Took 3 weeks but it was worth it!

Then came the blocking. Granted this is my first go at it, but I think I did a pretty good job!

Now tons of websites out there on blocking. There's tons of tools to block with. But, right now I just didn't have the time or the funds to go out and buy blocking wires, wool soaks, etc so I settled for push pins and dish detergent. I made a luke warm soak with my mild dish detergent and soaked the scarf for about 30 minutes. As that was happening, I piled my extra throws on the ground. I stretched it out and pinned it to the size I wanted.

It was a very exciting process. I just absolutely hating to have to wait over night for me to pick it up and put it on!

I woke up the next morning and I rushed into the spare room to see my results. It was like Christmas morning! Boy did Santa leave me a gift! It turned out fanastic! Had to put it on right away and yup, it was what I wanted!

So happy with my first advanced beginner project!

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