Thursday, 21 February 2013

Knitting Tuesday: Crocheted Baby Blanket

Sorry for the late post! I really wanted to finish this project for my Tuesday post and ended up  finishing it late last night. But better late than never! It was still in my opinion a quick project. Took about a week and a half and the results were awesome!

Now I always believe that every baby needs a baby blanket. The reason is most kids still hold on to that very blanket like a favourite toy as time passes. They are and comforting at the same time. They are soft and warm. The love you put into a baby blanket for someone show through in the work and detail. Parents can never have enough baby blankets for the new little one especially here in Canada :D

Now I know that it says Knitting Tuesday but I recently learned to crochet and found this a quick and easy way to do up a baby blanket. I usually reach for chunkier yarns as well. This particular one is by Bernat Yarns a pretty inexpensive and easy to find brand of yarn. It is called Baby Blanket. Easily found at your local walmart or joann's. Now no one knows if the baby is a boy or girl so I went with a yellow base. The border is a colour by the name of "pitter patter". I love it because the colours remind me of cotton candy. I know the base does include bits of pink but should still be a gender neutral balanced out with everything else.

2 balls of bernat baby blanket in two different colors
8mm crochet hook

Chain off 35 stitches
HDC 10 rows
Switch to second colour
HDC 4 rows
Switch back to original colour
HDC 10 rows
Bind off
Using your crochet hook pick uo stitches off the side of the blanket and begin to crochet the border. Crochet border for 4 round and bind off.

This blanket was so soft making it my puppy did not want to let it go! :D 

Any projects you like to do for the arrival of someone's baby? What is your favourite gift to give?

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