Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Knitting Tuesdays : The Batgloves

Hey Everyone!

I thought it would be fun to start knitting tuesdays! I find that I always end up completing projects around now and let's face it, I love having something to look forward to after mondays! So welcome to Knitting Tuesdays! :D How was everyone's Monday? Any great projects started up over the weekend that you can't seem to put down?

A while back, a guildie of mine in World of Warcraft posed a great challenge to her friends on facebook. She said the first 5 people to respond to her post gets a present from her. It can be any time in the year but something in the mail. The only catch? You had to repost the ad on your wall and offer the same deal to 7 other people. A great idea for pay it forward. I always love surprising my friends with gifts anyways so I jumped at the chance to do it. Got 5 people who agreed to the challenge and away I went in search of the perfect little gifts.

First up, my college best friend, Stacie. Her and I have been friends since first year college and are still close like sisters. I knew she would be up for the challenge! The two things I do know about her for sure is a- she loves to game and b- she loves Batman. Girl even has the symbol tatooed on her arm! For Christmas I got her Arkham City. I had to give her a gift to match this. I thought to myself, how many times when I'm gaming late into the night does my hands get cold from holding the controller? Or when I'm out and about do I hate clumsily trying to text with my gloves on? So I decided on BATGLOVES!

The premise was simple, a fingerless glove with tons of mobility. Now I am still just a beginner knitter so I have yet to try my hands at DPNs. This is a simple pattern that knits up on straight needles and then is sewn together, eliminating the need for DPNs. Genius!

I used Mary's Merry Wristlers with a few modifications to it. First of all I used Cascade 220. If you have never used this yarn, it is AMAZING! So many colours, so easy to work it! Best go to yarn in my books so far! I knitted in worsted so it was a little thicker for cold Ontario bus waits. I switched it up to 4mm needle to compensate for the change in yarn weight and casted off at 28 instead. I was careful to make sure the number was divisible by 4 so it would make the perfect 2x2 ribbing. These gloves have tons of stretch for the 2x2 ribbing so I wasn't afraid of my need to round down the stitches.

Once it was all sewn up it looked like this!

Pretty bat- cool right? :D I love contrasting colours it gives the project so much oomf! What colours would you pick to do this in? What could you do with fingerless gloves?

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