Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Metalouse - Rarity

So Rarity is one very particular pony. She is fashionable and always poised. She love things to be neat and organized. She is very particular and super high end. She is a fashion designer. She can come off a little snobby but her heart is always in the right place.

Picking out her colours was very easy. I had picked up a gorgeous skein of Muse Fiber Works Barolo Sock
at Knit City here in Vancouver last year 

With that I had paired a Sidar Ella DK which had strands of sparkly silver with it. It's a thicker yarn but I used it for the  contrast colour of the shawl. I couldn't possibly do a Rarity shawl without a little sparkle to show case her diamond cutie mark!

I decided to go with the gorgeous Metalouse pattern by the amazing Stephen West of  http://westknits.com/. His patterns are truely amazing and inspiring! His pattern, Daybreak is going to be features as well in this series for another wonderful pony combination. 

This pattern was definitely a challenge for me as I have never tried slip stitch pattern. The first bit of the pattern went by very quickly. Section one was done in just the varigated yarn.

The second section is where the new technique was used. The slip stitch part is actually quite easy and was not very intimidating at all! I was so impressed with how quickly it was worked up. 

The results were stunning! 

This project was worked up in about 3 weeks which I did not expect but I guess commuter knitting helps a lot and being able to knit in sections kept me engaged all the time. 

What have you been knitting? What keeps you engaged?

Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

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